HPFA: The Hampshire Playing Fields Association - Calshot Activities Weekend

The Calshot Weekend

For many years now HPFA has helped fund a multi-activity weekend at the Calshot Activities Centre for disadvantaged and disabled youngsters. This year’s trip took place over the first weekend in July and 14 youngsters along with a similar number of carers and HPFA staff.

The weather gods smiled on us and we were fortunate not to have to curtail any of the outdoor activities due to weather.

The Friday evening was spent settling in and getting to know each other over a particularly energetic game of dodge-ball and later more sedate games of table-tennis and badminton.

Saturday morning was Water Sports morning and those who were able to spent the morning in individual Kayaks, while the rest of us (mostly the adults I noticed) floated around rather more sedately in rafted canoes. I was pleased to see that everybody was able to get onto the water at some point and I must thank the staff at Calshot for their ingenuity in ensuring this was both a safe and fun experience for all – especially the seaweed fight! After a hearty lunch the rest of the day was spent on the indoor ski-slope and on the climbing walls. Again everybody was involved and all were determined to get to the top of the climbing wall, despite the odd grazed knee and the rather undignified harnesses which seemed determined to give the wearers a “wedgy” no matter how much it was adjusted.

Sunday morning alternated between abseiling and archery and I was again amazed at how determined people were to get to the top or hit the bull. The afternoon was split between cycling on the indoor track or taking a boat trip along the Solent on the “Naiad” a converted trawler owned by Calshot Activity Centre. I gather the highlight of the boat trip was the chance to go ashore at Hamble and purchase Ice Cream. Sadly all too soon it was time for the prize-giving and to say goodbye and head home.

Pictures of the 2013 group :